Our Story

Wolf & Nomad Gallery began in Spring of 2018 in Miami Florida, after Gallery Director Asa Wolf decided to branch out from his position at Christie’s New York and his side projects of managing artists in and around the New York area. It had always been a long time dream of Asa’s to work with emerging artists of varying backgrounds and talents. He sought to develop a platform to showcase their work while exploring new ways to integrate their skills into creative events, non conventional art spaces, as well as utilizing the traditional art fair circuits around the globe. After nearly ten years of honing and developing his skills as a client service manager, special event director, and curator in NYC, Asa was confronted with a chance to pursue his dream in Miami with a gallery of his own. After teaming with a select group of trusted colleagues and specialists Wolf & Nomad found its roots and began to grow.

Our Progress

At this stage Wolf & Nomad has already started to hit the ground running with several solo exhibitions both domestically and abroad with the emerging Colombian artist Simon Vargas. In the last six months exhibitions have taken place in New York, Bogota, Medellin, and Miami, with many more in the works. The gallery is focusing most of their time on leveraging one artist at a time, but has begun the process of vetting and exploring new emerging talents both in Miami and abroad.

Future Growth

We are constantly looking for new artists, creative minds, and collaborators. If you feel that we would be a good fit for an event, project or commission please reach out to our gallery team!